Special Training

From seminars for the flight crew and HESLO trainings to further training as a hoist operator, HTM offers a wide range of highly specialized trainings based on the many years of experience the instructors gained during their own missions.

Trainings and further education of hoist operators

As part of the training and further education of hoist operators (HHO; helicopter hoist operation), HTM takes over the training for both the alpine offshore operations.

HTM is the pioneer of offshore hoist operations. HTM has also significantly influenced and revolutionized the training of service technicians on the helicopter winch. In 2015, a 30-meter-high training tower was erected on the Knock headland near Emden. It was built specifically for helicopter hoist training. Here the participants learn the flying part of the training with a lot of patience and personal support by experienced trainers, after they have completed extensive theoretical training. With this proven concept, all aspects of hoist operations can be taught safely and in detail.


HESLO trainings — theoretical and practical instruction at the highest level

Training for Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO), i.e. external cargo and assembly flights, is also part of HTM's training spectrum. Due to its complexity, this highly specialized training is only offered by a few companies. Trainees at HTM benefit from the wealth of experience of HTM's own HESLO operations, such as supply and assembly flights in high mountain regions, helicopter logging, or forest firefighting in the event of a disaster.

First, in-depth theoretical content is taught, which covers both the flying part and the work and communication on the ground. This is followed by practical training as well as the first external cargo flights.


Regular seminars — stay up to date

Seminars that flight crews must attend at recurring intervals also belong to the area of special training. Services offered by HTM include Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Human Factor Trainings.


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