More sustainable energy generation for the future

Specialized solutions for offshore flight operations

Since 2009, HTM has been a partner to leading energy companies, making an important contribution to the operation and expansion of sustainable power generation. For example, HTM provides wind farms by helicopter in a highly efficient manner, thus helping to secure energy supply from wind power.

HTM was the first company to develop offshore hoist operations in the German Bight with the relevant authorities and subsequently carry them out. The basis for this were our many years of experience in hoist operations in high alpine terrain and the offshore sector, where HTM is still the market leader. Nowadays, this pioneering work serves as an industry-wide standard for safe offshore helicopter operations.



hoist cycles per year

HTM is the market leader in the winch market and carries out 12,000 hoist cycles per year.


qualified service engineers

Our service engineers undergo intensive training before they can be deployed on offshore wind farms.


years of offshore experience

Since 2009, HTM has ensured the safe and efficient operation of its offshore fleet, contributing significantly to the promotion of sustainable energy production.


Our services for tackling your challenges in offshore operations

HTM's service portfolio includes hoist operations in wind farms as well as crew transfers. This expertise can also be used for research purposes in tidal zones. In addition, we provide consulting services to our clients and carry out training and further education.

Crew Transfer & Hoist Operations

HTM is a reliable partner for clients in the wind energy industry: Special procedures have been developed for the efficient transport of offshore service engineers in wind farms by means of a winch.

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Special Training

HTM offers specialized offshore trainings: initial training of winch operators as well as further training of service engineers to become hoist passengers. The education and training events take place on our entire fleet of helicopters or on client aircraft.

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Special Projects

Allies for clean oceans: HTM flies to the Wadden Sea and the Elbe estuary on a regular basis to take water samples using a winch. Our many years of experience in flying over the sea is of great advantage for these missions.

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