Disaster Management

The years of experience HTM has with external cargo transport (HESLO) provides the expertise needed to act quickly and efficiently when fighting fire. HTM also has a wealth of experience in the field of rescue hoist operations through the training of army mountain guides, where the handling of the rescue winch is trained, or the Sea Survival Training, where sea rescues are simulated. These experts can fly rescue operations offshore and onshore. The combination of these ranges of experience makes HTM the perfect partner for firefighting or floodfighting missions, as the crews have the necessary theoretical experience and are regularly deployed in extreme conditions. In the event of a disaster, HTM represents an important pillar in saving human lives.

Thanks to the helicopters at its disposal, HTM is able to act quickly during disaster and relief operations and provide the best possible support to public rescue units. HTM can quickly provide flexible and safe assistance in the respective area of operation by means of air bridges, reconnaissance flights, rescues and evacuations. Disaster situations where HTM provides assistance include:

  • floods

  • landslides

  • forest fires

  • avalanches

  • storm damages 


Fire extinguishing — precise and efficient

Disaster response includes firefighting: With about 1000 liters of water per flight, sources of fire can be reached quickly and directly. In addition, firefighters, firefighting equipment and material can be flown to the scene.


Rescue of injured animals

HTM can also perform livestock rescue operations in the event of a disaster. This ensures the safe rescue and rapid transport of injured animals in inaccessible mountain regions.


Targeted avalanche blasting for safe terrain

Another field of application is avalanche blasting. In the event of an impending avalanche or after an avalanche has already occurred, roads, railroad networks and ski resorts are secured by means of the precise release of explosive charges from helicopters.


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