Helicopter Charter Flights

In the area of commercial airline transport (CAT), passenger transportation represents a part of HTM's service spectrum. Our service also includes internal cargo transports and flights according to instrument flight rules (IFR). For this purpose, HTM has a general authorization for off-field helicopter landings and the departure permit (ICAO Europe).


Charter flights — HTM as air shuttle service

You can travel to conferences, meetings, openings or other important appointments in a relaxed and fast manner with one of our helicopters, which is equipped according to your wishes. For each type of passenger flight, we offer individual services with flexible scheduling. HTM will safely bring you to your desired destination anywhere in Europe. In addition to determining the destination, you can, of course, also make requests regarding the departure point of the trip to save additional time. HTMs' portfolio also includes shuttle services over the sea. For example, we can fly you to a yacht by helicopter.


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