Public Security

HTM as a strong partner for our security forces

Helicopter for police and military

HTM has been a reliable and highly competent partner in the field of public safety for many years. Quality, security, and discretion form the basis of our business activities. In order to meet these highest requirements, expertise from highly specialized aviationexperts is required.

We provide specially equipped helicopters to our security forces, so they can benefit from the expertise of the entire HTM Group. It offers the full range of services: customized aircraft, special forces training, maintenance and service as well as the development, production and certification of special tactical components.



maintenance sites in Germany

HTM operates two base maintenance sites in Taufkirchen near Munich and in Emden as well as three line maintenance stations in Norden-Norddeich, Helgoland and Nordholz.


helicopter types in the maintenance scope

Our range of services covers the industry-leading models of the following manufacturers: Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters, and Bell Helicopters.


Operation of EASA-Part 21J and EASA-Part 21G

The HTM Group combines an EASA-Part 21J design facility and an EASA-Part 21G manufacturing facility.


Solutions for internal and external security forces

HTM has been providing specialized solutions for civil and military aviation for many years. In this regard, our focus lies on developing a customer-orientated approach. Absolute discretion and comprehensive know-how are the core of our services.


Due to the high volume of flights our clients complete, HTM offers customized helicopters: common aircraft types, adaptation to the needs of specialized operations up to the provision of ground staff.

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Special Training

From seminars for the flight crew and HESLO trainings to further training as a hoist operator, HTM offers a wide range of highly specialized trainings, based on many years of experience the instructors gained during their own missions.

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HTM offers its clients almost every common training course, from private to commercial pilot training and advanced certifications (e.g. certifications for instrument flight or special aircraft types). The education and trainings take place on our entire fleet of helicopters or on client aircraft.

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Base maintenance sites in Taufkírchen near Munich and Emden, Line maintenance sites in Norden-Norddeich, Nordholz and Helgoland: Accessibility, maintenance and service of industry-leading models from Airbus, Bell and Leonardo Helicopters.

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If required, we will organize your entire fleet and perform CAMO services at the highest level of quality to ensure minimal idle time of your aircraft.

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The EASA-Part 21J design facility and EASA-Part 21G manufacturing facility as well as the Flight Test Organisation (FTO) can develop, set up and retrofit specialized aircraft components (minor and majorchanges) and take care of the certification.

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