Crew Transfer & Hoist Operations

Safe transfer from check-in to landing

Whether specialized technicians have to be brought to offshore substations at short notice or a spare part is urgently needed, HTM flies passengers and cargo flexibly to the requested destination — tailored to the customer's individual needs. A modern fleet consisting of Airbus EC135 and H145 is available at the Emden, Norden-Norddeich and Helgoland locations. From check-in to landing, passengers are attended to by experienced staff. Powerful helicopters equipped with winches and extensive briefing before each flight ensure the highest level of safety and comfort during the flight.


Flexible hoisting of people and equipment by winch

HTM is a pioneer in the field of winch processes at offshore wind turbines. It has acted as a reliable partner for a number of major utilities for many years. Each year, HTM performs well over a thousand winch cycles to drop technicians or cargo on turbines at the wind farm. Unlike transport by sea, helicopter operations are largely independent of tides and waves. This creates a flexible option for moving personnel and equipment. HTM is substantially involved in developing the procedures for hoist operations over the German sea.


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