As an EASA-Part 145 maintenance organization for helicopters, Intercopter specializes in the most common aircraft types used throughout Germany and Europe, offering a wide range of maintenance and repair services for various helicopter types including engines from Airbus Helicopters,Bell Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters. These include:

  • Agusta A109 E/S AW109SP (EASA.R.005)

  • Airbus Helicopters AS 350 Series / H130 (EASA.R.008)

  • Airbus Helicopters AS 355 N/ NP (EASA.R.146)

  • Airbus Helicopters BK 117 C1/C2/D2 (EASA.R.010)

  • Airbus Helicopters BO 105 A/C/D/S (EASA.R.011)

  • Airbus Helicopters EC 120B (EASA.R.508)

  • Airbus Helicopters EC 135 Series (EASA.R.009)

  • Airbus Helicopters EC 155 (EASA.R.105)

  • Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 206 Series (EASA.IM.R.512)

  • Bell Helicopter Textron Canada 407 (EASA.IM.R.512)

From painting to maintenance – all services at a glance

Services include NDT, endoscopy, static or dynamic balancing, weighing or center of gravity determination, spectrometric oil analysis, ultrasonic cleaning, partial and full painting, and integration of minor/major changes [STCs] and SBs. Our range of services also includes component maintenance(e.g.of the batteries, emergency float systems and helicopter rotors) as well as the supply of spare parts. In addition, Intercopter has a large range of special tools and modern borescope equipment for engine inspections and other tasks.

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