CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) is the surveillance authority between maintenance and flight operations. CAMO manages scheduled and unscheduled maintenance procedures at Intercopter and returns the fully serviced helicopters to HTM flight operations.

HTM CAMO service: management and maintenance of your aircraft

In order to minimize the administrative effort and expenditure that CAMO requires for our external customers, HTM offers all-inclusive CAMO services. This way, the large amount of administrative work can be outsourced and they remain efficient and productive. Our ustomers appreciate the combination of us managing their aircraft in HTM's CAMO and performing direct maintenance at Intercopter. Of course, both services can also be requested independently.

The CAMO also monitors operating times, creates service plans, performs data evaluations or registrations, or issues the Certificate of Airworthiness [CoA] for Export.

In addition, we offer to issue a EASA Form 15b for aircraft serviced in ourcontrolled environment.

List of serviced aircraft

HTM offers a CAMO for the following aircraft:

  • Leonardo A109 series – EASA.R.005

  • Leonardo AW139 – EASA.R.006

  • AS350 – EASA.R.008

  • AS355 N-series – EASA.R.146

  • MBB-BK 117 series [H145] – EASA.R.010

  • EC120 – EASA.R.508

  • EC135  EASA.R.009

  • Bell 407 & Bell 206 series – EASA.IM.R.512


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