Cargo & Assembly Flights

Highly specialized team for your external load transports

Cargo & Assembly Flights

Whether in densely built-up residential areas or in difficult-to-access mountain regions — HTM is the ideal partner for external cargo transports of all kinds weighing up to 1,200 kg. These include, among others, hut supply in the mountains, construction site installations, assembly flights or logging. Wherever ground access is not possible, helicopters bring the required material to the site quickly and efficiently by air. This does not require a crane, nor do freight roads need to be built. Thus, the transport does not leave any traces in nature. Our experience in cargo and assembly flights is a prerequisite for our disaster relief missions.

Nationwide transports thanks to multiple bases

With a high-performance and state-of-the-art fleet, we can reach every location quickly and flexibly from our bases in Ottobrunn and Salzburg. In this way, we cover areas of operation in the Alpine region. We are also able to carry out external cargo transports throughout Germany.


Experienced crews ensure efficient operation

A well-coordinated team works professionally and precisely on the successful completion of your assignment. The team always consists of at least one experienced pilot and at least two qualified flight assistants. The flight assistants control ground operations and assembly. They also support the pilot during landing on impassable fields. Safety as well as the continuous optimization of all processes are our top priority and are promoted through regular training. This ensures the necessary operational experience of the crew. Upon request, we also train personnel for external customers. This includes training both pilots and flight assistants. 


Highly specialized equipment for external cargo transports

HTM has extensive equipment at its disposal for the smooth handling of operations. This includes a wide variety of load harnesses and rope lengths, as well as a dedicated HESLO truck that can serve as a refueling vehicle. 


Heli logging — lumber delivery by helicopter

Heli logging forms a subset of HTM's HESLO operations. An experienced crew of flight assistants and ground staff trained for this purpose cuts certain trees in advance, which are then flown out by helicopter to a safe storage site.


How many kilograms can we transport for you?

Altitude above sea level

Standard additional load*

Maximum additional load*

500 m

1100 kg

1200 kg

1000 m

1050 kg

1100 kg

1500 m

900 kg

1050 kg

2000 m

850 kg

950 kg

2500 m

750 kg

850 kg

3000 m

700 kg

800 kg

* Standard additional load: at medium temperatures during summer

* Maximum additional load: in individual cases under ideal external conditions (low temperatures, favorable wind conditions, favorable angle of approach)


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