Fastest possible help in the event of an emergency

Immediate air readiness for emergencies all over Europe

In case of an emergency, there is no time to lose. Therefore, helicopter are often the resource of choice for rescue teams. We are in action when others need help, for example in the event of a disaster. We assist in effectively combating forest fires from the air, where we can use helicopters with external cargo to drop large quantities of water with great accuracy. Thanks to our expertise from the offshore sector, we can also successfully save lives in flood areas. In addition, we are available 365 days a year for ambulance and intensive care transport flights, providing patients with optimum medical care.



ambulance helicopters type EC135

HTM has eight specially equipped ambulance transports at its disposal.


minutes faster help for stroke patients

As part of the TEMPiS network, HTM ensures the fastest possible transport of highly specialized medical teams to stroke patients in rural areas.


helicopters for forest firefighting

If necessary, HTM has access to up to six AS350 helicopters. These aircraft can drop up to 1000 liters of water per extinguishing operation onto the scene of the fire.


Professional air support in disaster situations and for urgent medical transfers

HTM's service portfolio is particularly distinguished by its immediate flight readiness for relocation flights and in the event of a disaster. We are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ambulance & Intensive Care Transports

HTM specializes in the transfer of patients, some of whom require intensive care, from Germany and abroad: cooperation with the Munich rescue service company MKT, eight model EC135 helicopters in use.

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Stroke Intervention

HTM has been part of the Rescue Team for Stroke Patients (TEMPiS) in the greater Munich area since 2018: rescue concept from a new perspective, highly specialized team of doctors comes to the patient, 100 minutes of time saved.

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Disaster Management (fire- and flood fighting)

HTM is a member of the German Medical Disaster Relief Agency (Medizinisches Katastrophen-Hilfswerk, MHW): From the HTM sites in Taufkirchen near Munich and Emden, HTM takes over disaster management in critical flood situations or assists in combating wildfires from the air.

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Special Training

HTM offers internal training and specialized external training: experts in the field of winch rescue operations, years of experience, training for winch-assisted rescue of injured persons in the mountains or at sea.

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