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Thanks to its subsidiaries Intercopter and AAD, HTM can manufacture, develop and retrofit helicopters to meet almost any customer requirement.Our range of products is wide and HTM is authorized to approve the desired changes afterwards.

From retrofit to approval — we can make every wish come true

Because of their many years of expertise in servicing, maintenance and further development of special components, HTM was able to retrofit a large number of aviation-approved components. This ranges from minor modifications, such as attaching an additional mirror, to integrating highly complex technology into existing helicopter types, e.g. integrating a camera onto a helicopter type. Thanks to highly specialized technicians and aviation engineers, virtually everything can be retrofitted and obtain the subsequent certification.


Production of special parts needed for retrofitting

The range of assemblies, individual parts and mission equipment that can be manufactured with HTM for the retrofitting is very broad. It includes, for example, cable harnesses, heavy-duty structural parts, cabin equipment, external attachments and integration kits for OEM products such as electro-optical systems, radios and systems for avionics. For example, rescue kits that convert conventional helicopters into rescue helicopters are manufactured.


Development of novel components for specialized fittings

The range of services also includes the integration of products that do not yet exist in the required form and which must first be designed, manufactured, certified and approved by our engineers.


Components can be developed for a wide variety of helicopter designs. This involves minor and major modifications and repairs of, for example, the tail unit, fuselage, landing gear and wings. Avionics components such as communication systems, diagnostic and maintenance systems, displays and alarm or navigation systems can also be developed. In addition, HTM undertakes developments in the field of cabin interiors, cargo compartments or air-conditioning systems as well as electrical systems. Flight simulators can also be developed. For that purpose, HTM provides the aircraft, flight test operations and development equipment.


AAD, as a Part 21J development company, designs the desired parts in consultation with the customer. These are then manufactured by Intercopter as a Part 21G production company.

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