Air Freight & Hazardous Goods

HTM offers a 24h service for individual air freight and hazardous goods all over Europe. We are able to deliver any air cargo and hazardous goods as quicklyvas possible to any place.


The service includes the procurement of the appropriate aircraft. For this purpose, we can use aircraft from our own fleet as well as from third parties, if necessary. The organization and logistics of the entire transport as well as the flight as such, which is carried out by our highly trained experts, are also part of HTM's service portfolio. In addition, we continuously monitor the transport and provide regular flight route updates. This allows our customers to track the whereabouts of their goods at all times.


Customized air freight services: Organization of the fastest possible transport

From the transport of small parcels and entire pallets to highly specialized individual parts for customers, e.g. in the automotive industry, whose cargo must be moved in a time-sensitive manner, we are available whenever and wherever our customers need us. Whether by helicopter or airplane, we will find the perfect aircraft to transport your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, we also organize further transport, for example by truck from the landing site to the final destination.


Special permits for the transport of potentially hazardous goods

HTM has all the necessary permits for the transport of hazardous goods. We can fly any mission, from transporting airbags and seat belts, for example, to radioactive medication for hospitals. We are also specialized in avalanche blasting. Here, too, HTM is at its partners' disposal with a 24h service, which covers all areas of transport, if necessary.


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