Solutions for all challenges facing commercial helicopter operations

From panoramic flights to cargo transports – your one-stop service solution

Whether you have cargo that needs to get to a special location safely or you need to get to an important appointment as quickly as possible, HTM is your partner!

You can also rely on us for the training or further education of pilots. Our offer also covers special retrofits as well as the maintenance and service of aircrafts. Our range of services also include solutions for external cargo and assembly flights as well as the transport of hazardous goods. This portfolio puts the HTM Group ina truly unique position in the European region. With their comprehensive range of services, our subsidiaries AAD and Intercopter fully complement HTM’s offerings.



By providing customized solutions for every type of helicopter flight, HTM offers maximum efficiency.


Our quality management system expands well beyond the industry standard. In this way, we continue to set the standard for safety in helicopter operations.


Our experienced and dedicated experts set all the machinery in motion to ensure that our passenger and transport flight services are carried out safely and reliably.


Custom-tailored solutions for efficient flight operations

HTM's service portfolio ranges from cargo and assembly flights to air freight and the transport of hazardous goods. HTM can thus cover wide areas of commercial flight operations.

Passenger Flights

We have individual offers with flexible scheduling for any kind of private or business flights. With a helicopter that is equipped exactly as you want it, you will have a relaxed and fast travel experience on your way to important appointments.

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Cargo & Assembly Flights

HTM is your partner for any kind of external cargo flights: highly experienced pilots and flight assistants, a powerful and state-of-the-art fleet, precise handling without leaving any traces in nature.

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Air Freight & Hazardous Goods

HTM transports hazardous goods such as radioactive medicines, airbags or equipment for avalanche blasting. HTM delivers air freight within 24 hours fast and efficiently by helicopter or airplane all over Europe.

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HTM offers its clients almost every common training course, from private to commercial pilot training and advanced certifications (e.g. for instrument flight or special aircraft types). The education and trainings take place on our entire fleet of helicopters or on client aircraft.

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Base maintenance sites in Taufkirchen near Munich and Emden, line maintenance sites in Norden-Norddeich, Nordholz and Helgoland: optimum accessibility, maintenance and servicing of industry-leading models from Airbus, Bell and Leonardo Helicopters.

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If required, we will organize your entire fleet and perform CAMO services at the highest level of quality to ensure minimal idle time of your aircraft.

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The EASA-Part 21J design facility and EASA-Part 21G manufacturing facility as well as the Flight Test Organisation (FTO) can develop, set up and retrofit specialized aircraft components (minor and major changes) and take care of the certification.

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Scenic Flights

Individual scenic flights or defined routes can be booked with HTM upon request. Our portfolio includes flights over Munich or an Alpine tour over Neuschwanstein Castle, Lake Starnberg or the Zugspitze mountain.

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