Simulator training

Realistic training in our FNPT II

Simulator Training in the FNPT II TYP EC135

No matter which education you choose: We guarantee you the best possible training. In order to deliver on that promise, we train under the most modern conditions. This includes our flight simulator FNPT II type EC135.

It gives us the opportunity to simulate and intensify special flight procedures through all training courses and thus prepare you for your flying career in the best possible way. General flight procedures during private pilot training, radio navigation on your way to becoming a professional pilot or briefing on flying according to instrument flight rules for the acquisition of the IR(H) rating: Through the most realistic simulation flights you will be prepared for almost everything.



Pilots do not experience real stress (freeze situation) in emergency training. Without real danger, IFR and MCC procedures are trained and a repetition of certain situations is possible at any time.


Our pilots and flight instructors who use the simulator have both the type rating on the EC135 helicopter and the instrument rating and can therefore optimally transfer their practical flight experience to the simulator training.


The Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer (FNPT) is based on the widely used EC135 helicopter model. This means that synergies with our fleet can be leveraged in an ideal way when students get into the actual cockpit at a later point in time.

Multiple training and education purposes

  • Instrument rating IR(H)

  • IMC training

  • Integrated and modular courses, e.g. airline pilot license ATPL(H), commercial pilot license CPL(H)

  • Multi-Crew Cooperation Training (MCC)

  • Offshore and oil platform approaches

  • Training of normal procedures and emergency situations

  • Flight instructor and refresher trainings

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