HTM and RWE strengthen their cooperation

31. May 2022

For the second time in a row, HTM was able to win a tender for the helicopter supply of the offshore wind farms of the energy supplier RWE.

[Bild: Weiter im Dienst - eine EC135 im Einsatz auf Helgoland]

The contract, which has been in place since 2012, was renewed and includes the crew transfer of service technicians as well as the winch offset.

The wind farms Nordsee Ost, Amrumbank West and Kaskasi (construction phase) will be flown by HTM from the Helgoland site using an offshore-equipped Airbus EC135 with Collins winch.

The signing of the contract further strengthens the long-standing and good partnership with the customer RWE.

HTM is pleased about the trust placed in it to continue to make an important contribution to the generation of renewable energies.

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